Features To Look For In A Mobile X-Ray Machine For Your Mobile Practice

Investing in a mobile x-ray machine can allow you to add an extra level of service to your mobile medical practice. These convenient machines are more portable now than ever before, but not every mobile unit you come across for sale is going to be the best. There is a specific list of attributes to be looking for in an x-ray unit that is meant for mobile use. The machine is contained in a shock-proof case for protection.

Managing Your Cancer Home Care With A CSTD Pharmacy

Being diagnosed with breast cancer or another serious type of cancer can feel overwhelming. When home care is mentioned by your doctor, you may be eager to do some of your treatments at home but not know anything about how that can be accomplished. Luckily, pharmacies which work with closed system drug transfer devices--regularly called CSTD pharmacies. How can you work with these pharmacies to treat your illness at home?