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Features To Look For In A Mobile X-Ray Machine For Your Mobile Practice

Investing in a mobile x-ray machine can allow you to add an extra level of service to your mobile medical practice. These convenient machines are more portable now than ever before, but not every mobile unit you come across for sale is going to be the best. There is a specific list of attributes to be looking for in an x-ray unit that is meant for mobile use.

The machine is contained in a shock-proof case for protection.

Look for an x-ray machine that comes in a rugged, shock-proof case. It is super important that this equipment is rightly protected as it is being transported. The equipment will be bumped against the edges of walls, shifted around in your vehicle, and otherwise tumbled around a bit. Having a nice case to absorb shock and keep the equipment inside safe and stable is just a smart way to protect your investment. 

The machine has a cart with wheels for easy transport. 

You will find some mobile x-ray units that are installed in a case that you are supposed to pack around by a handle. It is far better if the unit is designed so it attaches to a base that has wheels almost like a small trolley or cart. It is far less strenuous to tote the x-ray on wheels around than it is to carry it, especially when you probably have other things to carry as well.

The machine is constructed of lightweight materials for easy maneuverability.

The last thing you want to do is lug around a massively heavy x-ray machine every time you stop in to see a patient. The average mobile practitioner will visit multiple patients at different places in a single day, which means they may have to get out the mobile x-ray unit multiple times. If the equipment is too heavy, you will be exhausted just from getting it in and out of your vehicle.

The machine has longer cords for easy operation. 

When you are hauling an x-ray machine around to different places, you cannot always be guaranteed to have a plug-in within a few feet to use to power the equipment. Therefore, it is far better if the mobile unit you buy for your mobile practice has cords that are longer than usual. Some models actually boast cords that are 10 or 20 feet long and have a retractable design to keep the cord neat.