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Things To Look For When You Buy A CPAP Chin Strap

If you have sleep apnea and you plan to wear a CPAP chin strap in addition to your face mask, you'll likely appreciate how this device holds your mouth closed at night so that you can breathe through your nose. There are several different chin straps available on the market, and while they have a straightforward function, they can vary significantly in design. It's a good idea to browse a few different CPAP chin straps when you shop at your local medical equipment supply store so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Here are some things to notice as you compare one model to another.

Fit On Your Head

Some CPAP chin straps essentially look like a large loop. You'll place one part of the loop under your chin, with the other end of the loop stretched across the top of your head. Other products wrap around your head at two different places — in some designs, there will be a strap above your ear and another below it. The two-strap style may be more appealing because it may stay in place more securely overnight. You don't want your chin strap to fall off while you sleep, so consider the design of a few products to determine which you believe will best fit on your head.

Thin Vs. Thick Material

When you look at different chin straps, you'll see that the material is fairly thin on some products and thicker on others. One design isn't necessarily superior to the other, but you'll want to think about how you feel when things are pressed against your face. If you're the type of person who perhaps feels a little claustrophobic when you have things wrapped around your head, a CPAP chin strap that is thinner and thus covers less of your skin may be a better choice for you.

Material Softness

You'll be wearing your CPAP chin strap for the entire night, so it's important that you choose a product that is as soft as possible. If you're shopping in a physical store, talk to a salesperson about which product has a reputation for being the softest. Or, if you're able to handle a few sample chin straps, you can make this distinction for yourself. If you're shopping online, carefully read a few product descriptions to note which chin strap purports to be extremely soft, and then see if the reviews from buyers reference this fact.

Look for a shop that provides CPAP accessories to find chin straps and other accessories.