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Three Design Details That Can Make You Feel Secure on a Wheelchair Stair Lift

If you've recently suffered a serious injury that has left you needing to use a wheelchair, one of your first priorities will be to get a stair lift installed in your home. While some stair lifts are designed for people to stand on, others are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. A local medical supply company can introduce you to a number of different products that will make it easy for you to move from one floor in your home to another. While the functionality of these devices is largely the same, different models have different design features to consider. Among the things that you'll want to assess is how secure a particular model makes you feel when you're riding up or down the stairs. Here are some design details that can help.

Non-Slip Surface

When you roll your wheelchair onto the flat platform of the stair lift, you want to feel confident that it won't roll or slide. While you'll obviously want to lock the wheelchair's wheels, additional features can boost your confidence. One important trait to look for is a non-slip surface on the stair lift's platform. Some stair lifts have rubber in this area, while others have a high-grip, textured surface that may remind you a little of heavy sandpaper. Both of these options will be valuable for giving you a feeling of stability.

Elevated Gate

You'll also want to choose one of many indoor wheelchair stair lifts that have an elevated gate around one or more of the edges of the platform. Once you position yourself onto the platform, you or a family member can raise these gates. They're designed to stop your wheelchair from rolling in the event that you forget to lock the wheels—or, in the case of a power chair, in the event that you accidentally press the lever to move forward or backward.


Yet another design feature to look for is a railing that you can hang onto while riding up or down the stairs. Stair lifts don't typically have railings around their entire platforms, but some models have one section of railing. While the above safety measures will almost certainly keep your wheelchair in place, you may feel a little more confident holding the railing with one hand—especially as you get used to using the stair lift. Visit a local medical supply store to learn more about wheelchair stair lifts for your home.