Buying Medical Supplies

Three Tips For Managing Your New Clinic's Dental Supplies

If you are in the process of opening your first dental clinic, it can be one of the most exciting and momentous events in your career. However, it can be easy for these individuals to be fairly unprepared for this task, which can lead to cost overruns and other problems. This is particularly true when it concerns the dental supplies for the clinic as you may not have experience managing the logistics of keeping a dental clinic supplied.

Set A Firm Budget For Your Clinic's Monthly Dental Supplies

It is no secret that ordering dental supplies for the clinic can be a rather major investment that will need to be made on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, it can be easy for individuals to assume that they should never limit their budget for supplies so that they can meet the needs of their patients. However, excessive spending on supplies can be a major drain on your clinic's resources. By setting a monthly budget for supplies, you will give your staff a target for limiting expenses, which can encourage more efficient ordering practices. Also, you will help to stabilize your supply expenses, and this can make the task of monthly budgeting easier.  

Have Basic Care Packages Ready For Patients

Providing patients with small care packages that contain basic dental care supplies can be an excellent way of encouraging good dental hygiene practices while also giving your clinic a chance for branding. When you are deciding what to include in these packages, you can keep it fairly simple while still fostering goodwill with your patient. For example, including a toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and instruction on proper brushing and flossing techniques can be effective while keeping these expenses low.  

Create An Efficient Inventory Tracking System

As your clinic grows, it is possible that you will eventually be almost completely booked up. When this is the case, your clinic will use dental treatment supplies at an extremely rapid rate. This can make it easy for your clinic to accidentally run low on particular items or for staff members to lack the time for itemizing the inventory on a regular basis. Luckily, digital tracking systems can help your business to greatly improve its inventory management. It may sound as though one of these systems will be extremely difficult to use or install, but they are fairly simple to operate and compact in size. Depending on the design of the system, there may be a small terminal in the supply room, and your employees will simply need to scan the barcode of any supplies that they remove so that the system can keep track of the remaining supplies.